The Revenge body: The new incredible diet of Khloe Kardashian


The famous celebrity Khloe Kardashian impressed the world in 2015 with her new diet and the results of this diet. As Khloe showed her new body transformation the world immediately wanted to know the secret. So, in this article, we reveal the secret effective diet of Khloe Kardashian.

The 33- years old star even started her own business project thanks to her incredible diet – the project is named Revenge body.  The Revenge body project is based on Khloe Kardashian’s diet which is consisted of regular meals that include a lot of fruits, salads, and proteins. The bread, the muffins and also other multi-ingredient carbs are not part of the diet and they are strictly forbidden since they can also be inflammatory for the body.

The day begins usually with high- protein breakfast with a lot of water, fresh fruits and also rice. All this is blended and turned into a delicious smoothie. After the breakfast a piece of fruit in on the diet plan. The lunch also contains a lot of protein and a lot of salad rich in iron, such as spinach or beetroot. Usually, Khloe eats chicken meat for lunch and after the lunch, the fourth and the fifth meal include a lot of vegetables, such as tomatoes, celery or also eggs and almonds. The dinner includes fatty fish and also a lot of vegetables – salad and then again fruit is in the plan.

However, the diet comes along with a personal trainer and also daily training. Khloe’s favorite sport is running, but according to her personal trainer, she also does other types of exercises, such as squat jumps, side planks, weightlifting and rope runs in order to help her diet and keep the summer body.

The Revenge body project helped Khloe do even more for her body and also help other people improve their way of life and achieve the wanted summer body.


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